Welcome to Mergers & Business Acquisitions, Inc.

Founded in 2002 by Ysrael Kanot, Mergers and Business Acquisitions, Inc. (MBA) is a Los Angeles-based Investment Banking firm that provides Mergers & Acquisitions advisory services to manufacturers and distributors, primarily in the Aerospace & Defense sectors.

Additionally, though its international offices, MBA initiates and facilitates US-based sub-contract manufacturing for global A/D customers.

MBA utilizes this unique dual-path integrated strategy to help A/D manufacturers, distributors and suppliers grow and/or sell their businesses.

     Investment Banking

MBA represents sellers or buyers. We facilitate value-maximizing M&A activities which include selling, joint ventures, refinancing, ESOP programs, and other types of business transactions.

     No Retainers

MBA operates on a success basis only. We do not charge any up-front retainer or monthly fees. Our entire compensation is in the form of a success fee, payable when a transaction is completed. Thus MBA performs all M&A-related activities and services at no cost to the seller or the buyer until the successful conclusion of a transaction.

     Global Sourcing

MBA performs global sourcing activities through its Aerospace Manufacturing (AM) division.

Through its offices in France and Israel, Aerospace Manufacturers (AM) initiates and facilitates sub-contract relationships between US Aerospace/Defense (A/D) manufacturers and customers in Europe and Israel.

Multinational purchasing agreements often contain Buy-Back (Offset or FMF) conditions. AM’s activities act to satisfy those requirements.

AM has extensive, long-standing contacts with a wide range of A/D manufacturers, and in most cases can locate the
appropriate partners for European or Israeli customers.